Enjoy this high-quality, fresh and sexy graphics
crafted with precise care with eye on quality.

Bold Line Icons

Intuitive, Sharp, Stylish
650 Icons , 33 Themes.

MiniLine Icons

Professional, minimal, sharp, stylish, simple
2755 Icons , 44 Themes.

ColorBox Icons

Sweet, Colorful, Sharp, Stylish
420 Icons , 15 Themes.

SquareLine Icons

Sharp, Modern, Multipurpose, Pixel perfect
943 Icons , 39 Themes.

ColorLine Icons

Sexy, Colorful, Sharp, Strong
500 Icons ,23 Themes.


My name is Ozalp. I am an individual designer focussed on sharp, sexy, colourful visual styles blended with striking metaphors. On Howcolour shop, you can enjoy high-quality premium digital goods crafted with maximum precision with the eye on quality.

You can reach me from digital markets or send me an email.


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